Our members are represented all over Sweden

We are proud to have such a large geographical span of members in our country. Our bees pollinate hundreds of thousand flowers each year and thereby contributes to a more diverse and intensive flora in our landscapes. And as a bonus we get lots of different kinds of honey due to the varied plantlife.

Rune Axelsson

Rune’s bee farms are spaced along the eastern coast of Sweden, form Blekinge to Västervik. The high amount of sun hours on the coast results in great harvests of honey. This coastal area is dominated by plants such as dandelions, raspberries and white clover. The nearby woods of Smålando often adds willowherbs and heather to the honey. Rune has a collection of approximately 300 bee societies and has build a new honey house for extracting and bottling the honey.


Sjoketorp 1471 
572 91 Oskarshamn
Phone: 0491-66044

Lars Hedlund

Lars’ estates are located at the northern area of Gotland. It is a landscape with its own character consisting of a lot of sun, wind and outcrops. The plants are a bit different from the mainland and comprises of a mixture of swallow wart, blueweed and breckland thyme. Lars Hedlund has worked with bees for many years and currently has about 600 societies under his care. The farm is called Gotlandshonung, meaning ”honey from Gotland”.


Graute Hejnum
Phone: 0498-32061 


Erik Henningsson

Erik’s bee farms are situated south of Kristinehamn, at the border to Västergötland. Plants dominating the area is raspberry, fireweed, lime-tree, dandelion, clover and rape. Erik’s farm is called Sommersta Lantbruk. The farm currently has about 200 bee societies. Many of the beehives are located on Värmlands Säbys land, which has several nature reserves and borders to many others.


Sommersta Gård
681 92 Kristinehamn
Phone: 070-5382030


Östen Härdell

Östen’s bee farm is located on the edge of the plains Östergötland, facing the woodland areas of the south. Oil-bearing plants are the dominating ones, even though their numbers have declined lately. Other great ingredients of his honey is raspberry and fireweed. The farm consists of about 200 bee societies, and it is called H.W.s Bigårdar.


Brotorps Skola, 
614 92 Söderköping
Phone: 0121-24046

Lars Höglund

Lars’ bees are located in Ångermanland and the costal area of Medelpad – the southern part of the High Coast. The landscape is rugged, and compared to his colleagues in the south his societies does not pollinate rape plants. The area is diverse in its plant life, and the dominating ones are wild flowers such as sallow, dandelion, raspberry and willow herb. The number of beehives has gone down from 800 to 400 the last couple of years due to bears attacking the colonies. Lars’ farm is called MittBi.


Landtjärn 124
871 92 Härnösand
Phone: 076-847 10 86

Håkan Lantz

Håkan’s beekeeping revolves around Nybygget, approximately one kilometer west of Mjölby. Here, the bees of Östergötland pollinates the large fields and scarce forests, serving as protection from the wind. The plantlife is mostly oil plants, but at all the field- and roadsides the bee finds a more varied vegetation. The lime trees are also big contributors to the honey harvest. Håkan handles around 400 bee societies.


595 95 Mjölby
Phone: 0142-13560

Dan Levin

Dan lives in Björnlunda, 75 kilometers southwest of Stockholm, with his family and about 350 hives. The varied landscape between Östersjön and Mälaren gives the bees a very diversified collection of nectar sources. From the hazel and willow’s blossoming in early spring, to the intensive heather bloom in august. White clover, raspberry, lime tree and oil plants are the dominating plants from where the bees get their nectar during high summer. This results in a very tasty honey. The farm goes by the name Björnlunda Honung.


Hagvägen 4
640 50 Björnlunda
Phone: 0158-20165

Håkan Nilsson

Most of Håkans beehives are located in the Kalmar region, from the coast and inland towards the mainland forests. The bees gather nectar from plants such as oil plants, raspberry, lime-tree and heather. Håkan has been employed as a beekeeper several seasons and has as of late begun to expand upon his own collection of hives. The company is run under the name Håkan Biodlare, meaning Håkan Beekeeper.


Maglestensvägen 32
290 34 Fjälkinge
Phone: 0702-88 35 97

Lars Pettersson

Lars runs a large beekeeping business with eight employees that runs the different parts of the organization.

  • Selling of tools
  • Wax rolling
  • Carpentry
  • Beekeeping
  • Bottling of honey
  • Selling of honey
  • Cleaning of wax and frames


Torstensbyn 14
661 94 Säffle
Phone: 0533-63111

William Rosenlund

William’s bee farms are spread out through the west side of Blekinge where the variations in plants both in the forests and open areas is vast. Important plants in this unique honey is dandelion, raspberry, rapeseed and lime-tree. William runs the company Wanna Bee Your Honey with his partner. Together they tend to around 300 bee societies.


Strömmavägen 28 
374 32 Karlshamn
Phone: 070-456 31 55

Anders Wizping

Anders has one of the largest bee farms in the country with about 1000 societies. His beehives are located at Öland, the fields of Kalmar and in the woods of Småland. The oil plants are the dominating sources of nectar. Apart from that the honey is accompanied by raspberry, heather and woodland honey.


Vångerslät 376 
395 98 Läckeby
Phone: 073-616 04 86