We are number one in Swedish honey

Svensk Landskapshonung (Swedish Landscape Honey) is a co-operative society consisting of ten of Swedens most prominent beekeepers. The union was founded in 1990 with one goal in mind: to produce and deliver honey to the grocery chains, with no middleman, all year round.


Starting out slow, our production rate has now expanded and we produce about 200.000 tons of Swedish honey each season. Through co-operation within the co-operative society it is possible for us to deliver honey every day of the year.


Our honey is almost always delivered from our members own hives, with each beekeeper in charge of between 200 and 1000 bee societies. Some of our members buy honey from local producers to fill up when demand is high.

We deliver to all of Sweden

We are represented in all of Sweden where one can produce good harvests of honey, from Kalmar in the south to the middle of Norrland. Our beekeepers follow their own local traditions, but what we have in common is the demand for quality and our strife to keep the fantastic honey aroma all the way to the kitchen table at home.


Honey treated the right way is a culinary delicacy appreciated by all our customers. The lovers, faithful to their distributor, prefers their local beekeeper year after year.


The honey is kept cold from harvest to delivery in order to maintain the quality. The bottling of the jars is done as orders come in. This gives us great control of the quality of our products. We make sure that the honey you buy is always as new.

Honey – not the same everywhere

The flat country’s pale honey is mild with a taste of wonderful flowers, whilst the woodland honey is darker and more bold in its’ flavour.


These differences are appreciated by many consumers, and that’s why we label our honey with their origins, for example Småland, Öland, Gotland, Dalsland, Värmland, Östergötland, Mälardalen or Ångermanland. We get many positive calls from our customers that confirms that this is something they want and enjoy.

Strictly Swedish honey!

The landscape honey is harvested and bottled by Swedish beekeepers. Our members have chosen to work solely with Swedish honey. We think of it as the best honey out there, and we love that the beekeeping in Sweden contributes to a more diverse vegetation and plant life.